A Fiddle Camp Primmer

There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot. – Steven Wright Although I’ve played the fiddle for more years than I care to count, my decision a number of years ago to take my eight year-old daughter to a fiddle camp in Montana […]

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Eighty-two Billion

According to a recent release by Forbes, revenue from the Virtual Interaction (Video Game) industry alone is expected to reach 82 BILLION dollars by 2017! Now that, my friends, is a lot of zeros, and certainly good news for a number of economies. But with this trend as background, I […]

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Greetings!   We are a month away from the start of JFFC 2015, with this being our fifth year!  As requested each year at this time, I encourage everyone who is coming to post something about themselves before Camp begins, as this gives all an idea as to who is coming, where […]

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JFFC November Update

Howdy All!   Since last entry, Julian Family Fiddle Camper, Maril Parker and husband Gregg, held the annual “Applepalooza” party at their lovely Julian home, and darned if there weren’t some twenty fiddle camp alumni there!   Great time – unbelievable food, and of course, apple pie and fresh-pressed apple juice.  Will note that, while he couldn’t be there, […]

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Hi everyone!     Hope y’all had a great holiday, and that the new year treats you well.   While early, a good number of folks have already preregistered for the camp, and if applications continue to flow in at the present rate, we’ll be at capacity much earlier than […]

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